AccuWeather Tornado, Thunderstorm, Lightning, Hail and High Wind Warnings

Tornadoes, thunderstorms, lightning, hail, and high winds

In one weather emergency after another, AccuWeather has delivered the first – and often the only – warning of life-threatening emergencies and impending severe weather.

AccuWeather warnings  – specific to your site and customized to your criteria  – have repeatedly been shown to be the most accurate and timely in providing critical advance warning of tornadoes, thunderstorms, lightning, hail, and high winds.

For one Fortune 100 client, AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions provided, on average, 24.6 minutes of lead time for tornadoes. National Weather Service (NWS) warnings averaged only 12.0 minutes of lead time. AccuWeather provided double the amount of time to prepare.  

Null Tornado Notifications Save the Cost of Unnecessary Shutdowns

Null Tornado Notifications are among the biggest benefits of the AccuWeather warning service. We send you a Null Tornado Notificiation when the NWS has issued a warning for your county, but the tornado is located or traveling in a direction that will not affect your facility or operations. These notifications improve the credibility of your organizations warning system by greatly reducing false alarms and "over warning" for too many events.

AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions is the only commercial supplier of Null Tornado Notifications! 

AccuWeather null notifications have been proven to provide the information enterprises need to avoid unnecessary shutdown or disruption of operations. Consider:

  • The average false alarm rate from NWS tornado warnings is about 80%, according to an NWS study. AccuWeather tornado warnings have about a 10% false alarm rate. 
  • For a global manufacturing company with 500 locations, relying on AccuWeather resulted in a 94% reduction in false alarms. That in turn saved 402 hours of lost production time over a two-year period, worth $20,122,500 for the client.

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