AccuWeather's Insured Weather Risk Mitigation Service™ for Insurers

Insured Weather Risk Mitigation Service

A single hail storm, flood, or hurricane can inflict millions of dollars of damage on an auto dealership or other facility. If you insure clients against weather damage, now AccuWeather has a unique program to help you reduce claims while also minimizing business disruption and losses for your policy holders. 

With our expert meteorologists watching over your policy holders’ exact locations, those in threatened areas will receive customized, site-specific warnings by text message and email, notifying them when they need to take action to protect property, employees and customers. 

Not only do these warnings reduce your exposure and losses due to hazardous weather, but they also improve customer service by:

  • Working with your policy holders to mitigate risks
  • Enabling you to proactively deploy catastrophe teams to affected areas

Plus, you have the option to also receive all notifications sent to policy holders, allowing you to anticipate financial exposure for impending weather threats

Insured Weather Risk Mitigation is transforming the business model for many insurers.  Request your free consultation about the Insured Weather Risk Mitigation Service today!

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