AccuWeather Provides Storm Warnings for Hurricanes, Typhoons and Cyclones.


AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions can help you to prepare for hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones with detailed warnings of the probable impact of the storm. Prepared and issued by our own team of expert hurricane forecasters, AccuWeather warnings are more accurate and more actionable than those from any other source.

AccuWeather warnings proactively provide detailed, pinpoint forecasts on the critical elements that make hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones so dangerous — matched to your specific sites located within threatened areas.

These storm elements include:

  • Forecast track, window of movement, and timeline of arrival
  • Rainfall potential
  • Storm surge
  • Maximum sustained winds
  • Maximum wind gusts
  • Probability of hurricane force winds
  • Radius of tropical force winds
  • Radius of hurricane force winds
  • Risk assessment
  • Watches and warnings

On-demand consultation with an expert AccuWeather hurricane meteorologist is available 24x7x365 to explain the nuances of each storm warning and to assist you when you are on the verge of a critical decision. 

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