AccuWeather's Actionable Flood Warnings Help to Protect People and Property


​Inland flooding has been responsible for more than half of the deaths associated with hurricanes and tropical storms in the United States. And flood damage from heavy rain in the US in the spring and summer of 2011 approached $6 billion.

AccuWeather can help. Among the actionable warnings and situational information we can provide to protect your people, property and profits are:

  • Pinpoint, proactive flash flood warnings when rain falls at a rates likely to create flash flooding.
  • All public flood and flash flood warnings.
  • Past and current reported and future forecasted river levels. 
  • Rain-gauge-adjusted radar estimates for recent rainfall for any area in the continental U.S.

Our flood warnings help you move property to safe locations, to monitor track and roadways, and to reroute traffic as needed to avoid flooded areas.

Let us create a custom flood warning service for your specific locations.

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