SkyGuard™ Warnings Service for Venues

Outdoor stages demolished by damaging winds…spectators injured by lightning strikes…crowds trapped in torrential downpours or blistering heat. After the damage is done, it’s easy to second-guess a venue manager’s choice to keep an event going during severe weather.

But making the call to delay an event—or even evacuate a venue—is never an easy choice. The problem is, knowing when an event may be in danger is extremely complicated…consider the fact that lightning can strike up to 10 miles from a storm, where rain is not even falling! 

You also need plenty of advanced warning about severe weather...consider the fact that clearing a major event can take more than 30 minutes. Generalized, regional weather reports won’t give you the time to get people to safety—or the insight to know when.

You need pinpoint-accurate weather intelligence, customized to your venue, with Superior Accuracy™ that’s been proven time and again. You need AccuWeather’s SkyGuard® Severe Weather Warnings service.

SkyGuard® Warnings can make the difference between keeping people and facilities safe or putting them in harm’s way. The SkyGuard® service also can give you the confidence to keep the show going when you’re not in danger, preventing false-alarm shutdowns.

Specifically, our unique, proactive lightning warnings enable you the time needed to safely evacuate. For example, AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions was able to move tens of thousands of music fans to safety at a Pearl Jam Concert in Chicago before cloud-to-ground lightning bolt struck behind the stage.  

SkyGuard® Warnings service benefits include:

  • Venue-specific warnings that offer more lead time before disruptive weather hits.
  • All-clear notifications that minimize weather-related downtime.
  • A team of expert severe weather meteorologists watching out for you and your venue, 24 x 7 x 365.
  • The ability to talk directly with a meteorologist who can help you make the best decisions in a weather emergency.
  • A secure, customized weather portal with real-time radar, damage reports and warnings for your location.

The SkyGuard® Warnings service quickly pays for itself—and we can set you up with the service before the next storm. Fill out the form below, and we can get you enrolled now!