Weather Alerts, Forecasts and Analytics for Utilities, Traders and Power Producers


Utilities, energy traders and independent power producers need accurate information about past, present and future weather parameters to do their jobs. AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions has the information you need. 

Among the many ways in which AccuWeather assists utilities, traders and power producers are: 

  • Real-time datafor load forecasting, plus customized weatherforecastson an hour-by-hour basis for25 days, and on a day-by-day basis for up to two years.
  • Customextreme-weather pre-planning to optimize the asset deployment and allocations for severe weather, in concert with your regulator, to pre-establish appropriate levels of response, and to prepare specialized contractors for quick action.
  • Specializedwarningsfor severe weather affecting sensitive regions or routes, and for particular sites. Prepared by AccuWeather meteorologists precisely for your sites and service areas, these are far more accurate than re-purposed free NWS warnings. Designed to facilitate the right decisions about the optimum deployment of crews, materials and equipment in a weather emergency, these specialized warnings increase customer satisfaction and help to minimize penalties from the regulatory side.
  • Custom assessmentsfollowing a weather event (with significant CAIDI and SAIFI impacts, for example) to put outages into proper historical context, drawing upon the most accurate and comprehensivehistorical databaseavailable. 
  • Specialized consulting servicesafter severe weather, including evaluation of the response to weather events, as well asexpert testimony and analysisto support legal proceedings.

AccuWeather Delivers Customized Information Tailored to Utility Operations

AccuWeather works with you to deliver all warnings and information in the ways that best fit your operating processes. For example, depending on your needs, we customize the file formats to your particular systems (SCADA, ITRON, CSV, etc.) or deliver the information as ready-to-ingestGIS weather layers. And we automate the delivery with the fastest turnaround in the industry.  

AccuWeather can also support all aspects of weather in the regulatory environment.

Many leading utility companies are already experiencing the difference advanced weather warnings and information can offer. Here is one of many examples:

AccuWeather forecasted only snow in Kansas and freezing rain and icing in Oklahoma, although government forecasts were calling for freezing rain in both areas. Kansas-based,Westar Energy, an AccuWeather client, relied on our forecast to mobilize their crews in advance of the storm and deploy them to Oklahoma. Once the storm passed, they were immediately available to assist in the restoration of electrical power for the 500,000 Oklahomans that were without power due to the storm. Kansas came through the storm ice-free.

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