Severe Weather Warnings, Forecasts and Vital Information for Transportation

AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions provides highly customized, accurate services to the transportation industry – including site-specific, severe-weather warnings for moving assets – written in industry language your people understand. 

The unique value of these services is underscored by the fact that we protect all U.S.-based Class I railroads as well as the largest railroads in both Canada and Mexico!

AccuWeather Weather Information Assists Transportation Companies

  • Protect lives and property, through timely forecasts and warnings of floodstornadoesiceextreme temperatureshurricanes and other severe weather that may threaten moving assets, rights-of-way, terminals, and other critical physical plant.
  • Maintain service by warning of severe weather that may require the re-routing of shipments or the deployment of additional maintenance personnel and equipment to promptly repair storm damage.
  • Plan for potential fluctuations in volume and routing of shipments due to short-term storm events or seasonal variations ranging from a severe winter to an active hurricane season.

Weather Warnings and Forecasts That Make a Difference in Transportation

Many leading transportation companies are already experiencing the difference advanced weather warnings and information from AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions can offer. 

"[A weather competitor] convinced us to put one of their systems next to [AccuWeather’s] for a three month side-by-side comparison. After two weeks, we told [the weather competitor] to remove their computer.  It wasn’t even close."

- Rick Lederer, AVP Network Operations, BNSF Railroad

Among the Many Ways AccuWeather Serves Transportation Companies

  • Warnings, customized, pinpoint, and providing the proactive, timely notification you need to implement your emergency procedures.
  • Forecasts, delivering the accurate, timely, detailed insight into future weather to minimize risk and maximize opportunity.
  • Current and historical data, the most comprehensive and accurate record available anywhere.
  • Custom business analytics, offering the insight into weather impacts on profit which you require to minimize risk and maximize opportunity.
  • GIS weather layers, to quickly integrate weather – past, present, and future --  into your business intelligence systems.

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