Insights on Weather Products and Services: What Clients Say About AccuWeather

We [Tulane University] found AES to be an indispensable partner in helping provide the best possible weather safety and security to our university family.

Tulane University Vice President of the Department of Emergency Preparedness and Response

@accuweather Enterprise Solutions (AES) provides us mile marker specific weather that we share so Turnpike travelers can be informed. #kswx

Kansas Turnpike (@KansasTurnpike)

We have 30 some amphitheaters, and at any time, all 30 of them could be working, so that means a lot of exposure, a lot of people. We find what AccuWeather does for us is invaluable. I can’t imagine working outdoor shows without that kind of intel. We now have latitude and longitude. Intelligence has become much more precise, not casting a net over a broad area.

Wilson Rogers | Live Nation | Executive Vice President for Amphitheater Operations

What AccuWeather provides is the core aspect of what the portal provides that immediately has direct actions on what my customers are going to do. We need to have accurate and timely data and plan for it. If AccuWeather issues an alert before the National Weather Center, we can help save countless more lives. It gives people enough time to plan and get out. It’s not just a saying that seconds count – they do.

Ryan Seick | Motorola Solutions | Product Manager

AccuWeather helps us become so pin-pointed within short periods of time and it's extremely accurate, both with short-term and longer-term forecasts. For instance, with the significant rainfall last year in Chicago, Detroit, Phoenix, and Long Island, we were able to see which areas were getting more rain, then change our routes if we knew those roads would be washed out.

Rick Neudorff | Lowe's | Command Center Manager

Without AccuWeather, we would have depended on the National Weather Service and local media to prepare, which would have resulted in less than optimal results.

VP of Fortune 250 Transportation Company

On behave of everyone at PBPS, I would like to say “Thank You” to the whole team at AccuWeather for doing what they do. From our company leaders to our drivers; from coast to coast; 7 days a week; PBPS has leaned on AccuWeather for information to help in our decisions to run our business, and provide safety to all our employees.

Ed Hastings, LC Representative, Pitney Bowes Presort Services

It costs us more than $100,000 a minute to shut down our facilities. If the government issues a warning, [but it isn’t necessary for us] to shut down, AccuWeather tells us. If we do need to shut down, they’ll tell us exactly when, so we don’t lose any time we could have spent making cars.

Major Auto Manufacturer

I do not know what we would have done without you all. We really appreciate what AccuWeather did for us.

Chief Johnson Link, Clemson University Police

We received two null tornado warnings and then a tornado warning for our location. Communications went well.

Bill Mitzel, Business Continuity Manager, Corporate Risk Management, QBE North America

I was actually in Chicago when the storms hit, but I was receiving the messages from AccuWeather on a regular basis. The managers that were here were getting the messages as well. They were able to keep the plant running and monitor the situation through the messages AccuWeather provided. One thing I really liked was the repeating null tornado warnings, as it gave a reoccurring message that we had not missed a message saying to take shelter. The null messages also helped, in that by AccuWeather sending them, I knew they were continuing to monitor the weather around the Dallas Plant.

Jason Weatherford, CSP, EHS Manager, Solo Dallas 

I was pleased. It was great to receive the null warnings all day. It helped keep us assured, which we then relayed to our clients/staff.

Alex Hargis, Wyly Theatre Manager, AT&T Performing Arts Center

The AccuWeather team’s storm communication allowed us to be proactive and have plenty of time to get our guests to a secure location.

Mike Apple, Director of Operations, Six Flags Over Texas

[A weather competitor] convinced us to put one of their systems next to [AccuWeather’s] for a three month side-by-side comparison. After two weeks, we told [the weather competitor] to remove their computer.  It wasn’t even close.

Rick Lederer, AVP Network Operations, BNSF Railroad

You guys rock besides being more economical….Keep on doing what you are doing!

Steve Finkel, General Manager, Verizon Wireless Music Center, IN - Blossom Music Center, OH

We use [AccuWeather] more than I ever thought we would. It is an awesome product and takes the decision out of decision making. The radar with its information makes the decision for us and we just follow our policy.

Charlie Chicko, Director-Stadium Operations, Dick’s Sporting Goods Park

The timeliness and content of the [AccuWeather] forecasts helped us make decisions and understand what the storm would do.

Major Jay Gruber, University of Maryland Police

The information from [AccuWeather] gave us a chance to prepare proactively and adjust schedules.

Frank Walters, Athletic Director, Washington, D.C. Public Schools

Personally, I’m thrilled with [AccuWeather]. They are user friendly, very gracious and extremely accurate, and I don’t pay compliments like that lightly.

Ethan Saliba, Head Athletic Trainer, University of Virginia

[AccuWeather’s] expertise and information protocol played a significant role in ensuring employee safety and customer service.

Daryl Duquette, Manager, Rail America

We received a weather notification from [AccuWeather] advising of high winds that would occur from 12:40pm to 1:00pm...exactly at 12:40pm the strong winds, heavy rain, and hail pummeled the center. Exactly 12:59pm the rain stopped...It was amazing how accurately the times given in the [AccuWeather] warning matched the storm.

Dan McIntyre, Chrysler Security, Jacksonville FL

The SkyGuard solution provides expert advice and knowledge so our employees know exactly what is going on and not guessing...We could not run our operations, or have as low labor costs without it.

Phil Sadler, Director of Operations, Westar Energy

In May, [AccuWeather’s] proactive warning system prompted us to go out and inspect our track, even though the weather did not appear threatening at the time. We found more than 600 feet of track washed out by severe flooding with two trains scheduled to go through the area within the hour. Thanks to [AccuWeather’s] team and the SkyGuard® system we were able to avoid serious damage to the MNA trains and our equipment.

Thomas Murphy, Manager, ARDC Rail America

Your guys were right on target on our last tornado prediction. We got the initial report when the tornado was 17 miles out and predicted to be within 3 miles of our facility. You guys missed it by about 2 minutes and it passed within a 1/4 mile. Great job!

Bill Seagraves, Security International Truck & Engine - Indianapolis Engine - Indianapolis

Coupled with our severe weather operating processes, [AccuWeather’s] alerts and warnings saved a major derailment and greater damage here!

Steve Millsap, Assistant Vice President of Structures, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway