Using the Power of Weather, Behind the Meter


Create Solar Visibility for Markets & Networks

Improve load forecasting, manage your network or beat the market.

Meeting the Forecasting Needs of the Renewable Energy Industry Presents Challenges

Solar Power is becoming increasingly important in the operation of energy networks & markets; however, the volatile nature of solar generation makes integration into power grids challenging.

Major voltage changes result from intermittent cloud patterns and rapidly changing solar output. Blackouts occur from increasing solar penetration rates that reduce grid stability when traditional generators can’t ramp up fast enough.

As solar penetration increases, forecasting is essential for grid operators and distributors to require the correct amount additional spinning reserves – too much = high cost and too little = blackouts.

Our Solutions

Observing and forecasting the amount of sunlight received at any location requires sophisticated satellite observations, advanced cloud growth modeling and movement and knowledge of the terrain surrounding the site.

Together, AccuWeather and Solcast have formed a unique partnership combining the most complete set of foundational weather data available – with Superior Accuracy - worldwide with Solcast’s industry leading alternative energy power forecasting capabilities. 

Who Benefits?

  • Energy companies and others who use highly specialized forecasts to predict peak demand
  • Businesses in the global, renewable energy space
  • Electricity grid operators and distributors
  • Solar assets of all sizes, including behind-the-meter PV

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