Solar Radiation Data - Live & Forecast

Accurate forecast and current solar irradiance and weather data with global coverage. Includes aerosol tracking and built on 3D cloud modelling.


  • Rapid update every 5-15 minutes with global coverage
  • Forecasts at 30 minute time granularity, to +7 days ahead. 
  • Includes all three components of solar irradiance:     
    • Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI)
    • Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI)
    • Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance (DIF, DHI)
  • Delivered via API & trusted by customers worldwide.
  • Try the Solar API and set-up your test site within minutes.

Examples of how live & forecast solar radiation can add value

  • Monitor and analyse PV production performance
  • Create DIY solar power or energy generation forecasts
  • Create or improve in-house solar power forecasting
  • Forecast for concentrated solar thermal (CST) generators

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