Solar, Wind & Weather Solutions

The Perfect Storm: Use the Power of Weather to Enhance Renewable Energy Operations

Together, AccuWeather and Solcast provide key weather and alternative energy power forecasting insights to add value to your business, help with critical decisions and increase operational efficiency.

Solcast Data Products
Improve Load/Demand Forecasting, Manage your Network or Beat the Market

  • Utility Scale Solar Farm Forecasting
  • Rooftop Solar PV Forecasting
  • Grid Aggregations for Behind the Meter Solar
  • Solar Irradiance Data
  • Wind Power Forecasting

Who Benefits?

  • Solar assets of all sizes, including behind-the-meter PV
  • Energy, power and other companies who use highly-specialized forecasts to predict peak demand
  • Businesses in the global, renewable energy space
  • System/Grid operators and electricity distribution
  • Independent System Operators (ISOs)
  • Balancing Authorities
  • Utilities
  • Solar & Wind Owners/Operators
  • Energy Storage Owners/Operators
  • Remote/Micro-Grids
  • Technology Companies

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