SkyGuard® Warnings Are Proactive, Accurate and Customized

AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions is the world’s leading source of location-based severe weather warnings. SkyGuard Warnings® provide proactive, customizable notifications about weather threatening your specific locations – 24/7, 365 days a year. Actionable and accurate warnings are provided up-to-the-minute by expert meteorologists who are available to you at any time for personalized consultations.

SkyGuard Warnings Provide:

  • Double the lead time, compared to other weather forecasting agencies, to allow for more response time when severe weather threatens human lives, facilities, and business operations.

  • Elimination of facility shut down time in order to prevent costs associated with false alarms.

  • 24x7x365 protection of your employees and locations. Warnings delivered through your preferred contact method(s), and we follow up with you until receipt is confirmed.

  • Clients receive an "all clear message” when the weather has passed.   

“Losing $100,000 every minute that one of our facilities is shut down due to a tornado can be costly. When the government issues a warning for a region or county it is not always pertinent that we shut down. [You] assess our situation specifically and notify us when to shutdown.”
Thomas Kondratowicz, Security Compliance Manager, Chrysler Group Security

Null Warnings Can Save Time and Money

Knowing when weather is in your vicinity and won’t impact your location can be just as important as knowing when it will impact your location. When the National Weather Service issues a warning for your county, but the storm is located away from your facility and traveling in a direction that will not impact you, AccuWeather meteorologists will issue a “Null Warning." Null warnings save you from costly, unnecessary shutdowns and reduce unnecessary sheltering – helping to improve productivity while also maintaining the safety of your people.​

SkyGuard Warnings and Null Warnings are also now available through the enterprise solutions portal, a web-based, interactive, and customizable mapping portal. This enterprise-wide, turnkey solution was developed using the latest GIS technology and allows you to see how current weather and warnings will impact your operations – and communicate warnings and actionable instructions across your organization easily without the need for third-party software.

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