Rooftop Solar Forecasting

Solar power forecasting for rooftops - just one, or thousands. Connecting your rooftop site with our rapid-update cloud nowcasting system.

Rooftop Solar Forecasting


  • Power production forecast (now to +7 days)
  • Live (-7 days to real-time) estimated actuals data
  • Choice of lat/lon based API requests, or via creation of rooftop site (allows PV tuning)
  • Global coverage, use one API wherever you operate
  • PV Tuning: captures the impacts of shading or other de-ratings from your measurement data
  • Privacy agreement for your shared measurement data, ability to permanently delete

Examples of how live & forecast data for Rooftop Solar PV can add value

  • Accurately plan and manage home energy use around solar intermittency
  • Optimising charge/discharge of home energy storage systems
  • Managing peak demand charges for large commercial energy users
  • Enable smart energy trading strategies across rooftop solar portfolios
  • Conduct DIY experiments or build new products/apps
  • Conduct research (Solcast offers free access to this product for non-commercial use)

For more information on features, specifications or how to sign up, visit Solcast or contact