AccuWeather Warnings, Forecasts and Weather Analytics for Retailers

AccuWeather provides highly customized weather-driven services to the retail industry, including site-specificforecastsandsevere-weather warnings,historical dataandcustom business analytics. These services are uniquely valuable and not available from any other source.

From department stores to big-box retailers and convenience store chains, leading retailers rely on AccuWeather because:

  • Getting atornado warning15 minutes in advance can be the difference between life and death for employees and customers.
  • Optimizing your local and regional advertising—as well as your social media and web promotions throughWeather-Triggered Marketing®—leverages the exact weather forecasted for each store location.
  • Correlatinghistorical weatherdata to track trends in sales at the SKU level and store level helps to both maximize sales and assist indemand planning.
  • Enhancing business intelligence systems withGIS weather layersintegrates weather – past, present, and future – for better decision-making. 
  • Knowing thatheavy snowwill blanket a particular store by morning should change the staffing plan, as well as the items being discounted and/or promoted. 


Integral To Retail Success: Historical Data and Short, Medium and Long-Range Forecasts


Leading retailers know the difference advanced weather warnings and information from AccuWeather can mean to their business bottom line. Here is one of many examples:

A major nationwide retailer receives ourlong-range forecasts, helping them to strategically plan for merchandising 9-12 months in advance. With our winterseasonal forecast, they were able to position inventory to match the forecast; resulting in customer demand being met and profits from sales substantially increased.

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