Seasonal and Short-Term Forecasts, Warnings, Data, and Consulting for Reinsurance Companies

​Reinsurance  companies must take timely steps to review and lower risk exposure and make any necessary adjustments. AccuWeather supplies the most accurate, actionable and timely weather information to support the reinsurance decision-making process.

Most Accurate and Actionable Global Weather Information

AccuWeather expert meteorologists monitor weather conditions around the globe and provide seasonal and short-term forecasts, warnings, and data tailored to your specific areas of concern. Tornadoes, blizzards, seasonal global cyclone forecasts and warnings for all oceans, European windstorm forecasts, flood and drought forecasts and much more are available from AccuWeather. Produced by AccuWeather’s own staff of over 100 expert meteorologists, AccuWeather forecasts and warnings are available before those from other sources, and are supplemented by daily discussions, maps, alerts and updates sent to you directly as changes occur.

Briefings and Consulting that Meet Your Needs

On-demand consultation with an expert AccuWeather meteorologist 24x7x365 is available with all AccuWeather services, and also as may be desirable prior to weather emergencies. This can include multiple senior-level briefings with your senior management. These consultations explain the nuances of a forecast and help you when you are on the verge of a critical decision. You get not only the latest information from us, but also our confidence level in our forecasts, and our input into your critical decisions to increase the likelihood that you are going to make the right decision.

AccuWeather meteorologists are also available to perform a wide variety of special reports and assessments as needed by your organization regarding historical, current and/or future severe weather events.

Examples include:

  • Very broad post-storm damage assessments (typically 3-4 weeks after the storm, or sooner if you require),covering large areas impacted by the weather event.
  • Highly site-specific, post-storm damage assessments using historical data, models and AccuWeather’s own considerable expertise, as in questions of whether damage was caused by wind, rain, or a combination.
  • Conceptual studies, with non-published private results for key questions, such the likelihood of a “Black Swan” event that strikes primarily at the most heavily insured, or reinsured areas of a particular company.
  • Historical studies, showing the general (or event-specific) risk of severe weather, county by county, adjusted for population and other factors, allowing reinsurance firms to assess risks (and set prices) differentially in high-risk areas compared to low-risk areas.

Weather Integrated into Your Systems

The accurate, advanced, and actionable weather information provided by AccuWeather is customized to match the way you work. All forecasts, warnings, information, and data can be provided to you by whatever delivery means you prefer, and according to your schedule. These services provide consistent, succinct, and tailored information which can be disseminated quickly throughout your organization and which makes clear what your people need to do in response.

For example, AccuWeather can offer layers such as forecasted hurricane/cyclone/typhoon EyePath™, wind speed, precipitation, and more in an Esri® GIS format for immediate ingest into a cat model. Comparing these forecasts to a GIS layer showing the portfolio of insured locations speeds the assessment of potential damage. This is a huge benefit to reinsurance firms, especially since the AccuWeather information arrives one hour (or more) before that available to other participants in the reinsurance market. The earlier warning enables AccuWeather clients to lay off risk in the private market, if needed.

And because weather information is available for the entire globe from AccuWeather, your analysts share a common operating picture worldwide, with the confidence that weather risks have been quality controlled and uniformly assessed. This eliminates the danger posed by data patched together from a variety of sources, where differences in data and meteorological standards will definitely result in differences in the level of risk accepted, without any way to understand the additional risk taken.

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