Index for Weather Warning Services, Forecasts, Data and Business Insight Products

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Warning Services

  • SkyGuard® Warnings –  Mission-critical, up-to-the-minute warnings when severe weather threatens human lives and safety, facilities or business assets, customized to your weather threats and site-specific to your assets. Conditions for which warnings are available include tornadoes, thunderstorms, lightning, hail, high winds, extreme temperatures, and flooding.
  • Null Tornado Warnings – AccuWeather notifies you when there is a NWS warning issued for your county, but the tornado is located or traveling in a direction that will not affect your facility, enabling improved productivity and reducing the unnecessary disruption of your operations. 
  • Snow Warning Service – Meteorologists monitor your locations 24 hours a day during the entire snow and ice season and provide forecasts pin-pointed to your exact location and customized to the threat levels that matter to you. 
  • Hurricane/Typhoon/Cyclone Warnings – AccuWeather warnings proactively provide detailed, pinpoint forecasts, matched to your specific sites located within threatened areas, for forecast track, window of movement, and timeline of arrival, rainfall, storm surge, and wind. 
  • European Windstorm Warning – You receive alerts three to five days before a major damaging wind storm, with daily warnings for your specific client locations during the storm.
  • Tsunamis Warnings – Official tsunami warnings for the entire coastal area of the U.S. are provided to support proactive mitigation.
  • Insured Weather Risk Mitigation Service – Through this service, AccuWeather supplies warnings directly to your insured organizations to provide better situational awareness and to permit prompt response to threatening weather, thereby reducing losses that must be covered by an insurer or reinsurer. 


  • Intermediate-Range 25-day Hourly Forecasts  – Detailed daily weather forecasts for the next twenty-five days are  updated daily, and provide highs, lows, normals, departures from normals, and more, pinpointed for the world cities of your choice.
  • Storm Potential Notices – Forecasts for widespread weather outbreaks expected to impact multi-state areas, are delivered to you up to 72 hours in advance of weather threats, to allow proactive mitigation of weather’s impact on your operations.
  • Long-Range 90 to 180-Day Forecasts – Ninety to 180-day temperature, precipitation and snowfall forecasts – including discussions, interactive maps and videos – are available for all world regions and include updates during each season and instant breaking-weather news updates.
  • Long-Range Seasonal Forecasts – Seasonal temperature, precipitation and snowfall forecasts – including discussions, interactive maps and videos – are available worldwide and include updates during each season and instant breaking-weather news updates.
  • 10-day Hurricane/Typhoon/Cyclone Forecasts – Daily discussions and maps highlight the worldwide development, movement, and impact of actual or potential tropical storms, hurricanes, and typhoons in the next ten days.  
  • Hurricane/Typhoon/Cyclone Seasonal Forecasts – AccuWeather delivers worldwide seasonal hurricane and typhoon forecasts that provide projections on the number of storms, expected strength and landfall impact areas for the upcoming tropical cyclone season. 
  • Commodities Forecasts – AccuWeather provides seasonal, medium-range and short-term weather forecasts and discussions tailored for use by the agricultural and energy markets. 

Current and Historical Data

  • Local Storm Reports – Ground-truth reports provided by trained storm spotters and local law enforcement personnel cover storm damage and real-time storm conditions, providing better situational awareness.
  • Current Conditions Data – Detailed current conditions for a wide variety of weather variables are available for 2.7 million locations worldwide. 
  • Earthquake Reports – The epicenter, location, depth, magnitude, and intensity for major quakes from the past 48 hours, located anywhere on the globe, are displayed via SkyGuard Online for better situational awareness. 
  • Severe Weather Footprint Reports – Highly accurate, real-time, post-storm impact estimates help enterprises make decisions based on the severity of what happened from damaging severe weather. 
  • Historical Weather Data – AccuWeather’s exclusive hourly historical weather database is the industry’s most accurate, complete and robust record of past weather. 

Targeted Services

  • D3: Data Driven Decisions – AccuWeather’s comprehensive, accurate, quality-controlled database of past weather conditions can be correlated to SKU-level sales at any selected location to help optimize production and procurement, position sufficient product at the right locations, and plan staffing to maximize profits.
  • Weather-Triggered Marketing® – From optimizing demand planning at the SKU and store level, to immediate marketing responses to weather events, these unique solutions help clients to turn both positive and negative weather events into profits.
  • GIS Data Layers – GIS-ready, real-time weather observations, data, warnings, and forecasts are referenced to specific locations or areas of interest so you can assess the proximity to weather hazards and determine the potential impact to your operations.  
  • Weather Studies – AccuWeather has the ability to investigate the likelihood and probable impact of a wide variety of weather scenarios, providing information to minimize risk and maximize profit in disaster preparation, site selection, outdoor operations planning, and more. 
  • Legal Forensics – Comprehensive data, scientific analysis and expert testimony aid in determining the truth about weather-related incidents. 

Additional Featured Products

  • HourCast™ - Hour-by-hour precipitation forecasts for exact GPS locations, complete with start and stop times. 
  • Transport Pro™ - Designed for transportation professionals that need to maximize on-time delivery, make critical routing decisions, reduce overtime and protect employees and customers with severe weather notifications.
  • Accu-Fax® Hotel Forecast - A customized, accurate 7-day forecast, pinpointed to your location is available each day via fax or email and is suitable for distribution to guests or for display.
  • Accu-Line® -  An automated subscription service providing callers with current conditions, extended forecasts (today, tonight, tomorrow) and 7-day forecasts, when prompted for their zip code. 
  • UltraGraphix® - Provide to your business continuity team, a common operating picture using UltraGraphix®, a hardware/software tool used for weather presentations.
  • Fly Thru® - A detailed explanation of a storm, complete with a bird's-eye view to provide scientific analysis for a particular weather event.