MinuteCast Popularity Reaches Global Marketplace

​AccuWeather’s MinuteCast® is the only forecast on the market that gives users by-the-minute precipitation forecasts for the next two hours, highly-localized right down to a user’s physical address, and with Superior Accuracy™. MinuteCast first launched on AccuWeather.com in early 2014 for locations across the contiguous United States. Today, as MinuteCast popularity and adoption continue to reach new heights, its reach has been expanded to include Canada, Japan, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Future AccuWeather MinuteCast geographies include China, and others.

In addition to AccuWeather.com, AccuWeather MinuteCast is also currently available from the AccuWeather iOS 7 app for iPhone users and AccuWeather’s Android app available from Google Play. Both apps will soon be updated to include MinuteCast for the new, global locations. Plans for offering MinuteCast from other AccuWeather products include the Marine Weather™ by AccuWeather apps designed for mariners and other water hobbyists, AccuWeather Windows® platform apps, as well as other AccuWeather global digital products.