AccuWeather Network Meets Viewer Demand for “All Weather, All the Time” with No Fluff

With more than 50 years of weather leadership, innovation, and expertise, AccuWeather’s trusted, personalized approach to severe weather alerts, news, and forecasts with Superior Accuracy™ now gives millions of TV households a smarter choice in weather programming across Verizon FIOS TV markets.

On March 13, 2015, the groundbreaking AccuWeather Network made its debut – the only “All Weather, All the Time” source for 24/7 weather broadcasts in HD – now available on Verizon FIOS TV.

The AccuWeather Network features weather updates in context. The stories report on top weather news that is applicable to peoples’ lives with topics such as weather related to family, safety, lifestyle, health, travel, business, and more.

While other weather channels decide when viewers want entertainment instead of weather forecasts, AccuWeather meets the high consumer demand for a better alternative that provides, “all weather, all the time” with weather news and information that viewers trust.

“We have coverage in virtually every other medium, and because of our expertise in digital technology, we created a channel with the look and feel of a digital device,” AccuWeather Chief Executive Officer Barry Lee Myers said.

“We want our channel to be something you look at, get your weather and then go back to other programming,” Myers added. “It’s a way to use your TV, just as you might use your tablet or phone. I think you’ll find our programming is crisp, sharp, clear, and focused on weather all the time.”

Response to the AccuWeather Network launch has been incredible including a live interview with Myers on BloombergTV, stories published by The Washington Post, AdWeek, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and many more.

Consumers have turned to social media to voice their interest and support of the AccuWeather Network. A few response examples are listed below.

“The fantastic viewer response to the AccuWeather Network shows that people are ready for a better, more focused option in weather programming,” said Dr. Joel N. Myers, Founder, President,and Chairman of AccuWeather. “AccuWeather has over 50 years of proven weather leadership and expertise, providing the most accurate forecasts and personalized all-weather content that viewers want, exclusively from AccuWeather.”

The linear HD channel uses the latest presentation technology and complements AccuWeather’s expansive, global multi-platoform reach across web and mobile. It is being rolled out in phases and will continue to evolve with even more exciting, informative, and localized programming.

Additionally, as AccuWeather Network uses new technology that allows it to be specifically targeted to each market, advertising will be more targeted and relevant to viewers, making the value to consumers and advertisers greater than any other weather channel.

To learn more about the 24/7 AccuWeather Network, visit AccuWeather information, videos, and updates remain available globally at web and mobile websites.