AccuWeather Offers Most Robust Level of Predictive Business Intelligence with New D3 Analytics

AccuWeather’s proprietary Data Driven Decisions (D3) Analytics division for enterprises turns hyperlocal weather data and forecasts with Superior Accuracy™ into customized, actionable business intelligence that drives organizational performance. D3 Analytics aggregates and analyzes over 300 different weather factors with consumer behavior and sales data, focusing on clients’ specific sales objectives and priorities to provide a scientific, predictive basis for key business decisions that impact profitability.

“Enterprises in retail, health care, and financial industries, to name just a few, know that weather impacts their bottom line, but until now they may have used weather industry generalizations to make critical decisions,” said Casey McGeever, Chief Commercial Officer for AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions. “AccuWeather has applied over 50 years of proven experience working with the most successful corporations across industries – to create a powerful new suite of analytics that takes businesses from an anecdotal understanding of weather impact to real, quantifiable business intelligence that not only protects against lost opportunities, but maximizes profits.”

D3 Analytics targets location and seasonal-specific impact events to develop, manage, and inform customized weather-based sales models, enabling enterprises worldwide to proactively target inventory, marketing plans, and sales strategies based on weather changes while hedging against interruptions in supply chain and production levels.

With new D3 Analytics, AccuWeather can precisely identify industry – and product-specific impacts that matter to each enterprise. Use cases include analytics on the ways hail affects auto insurance rates, sophisticated store-level modeling of heavy snow on sales of hot coffee by type, time, and weather condition, as well as top survival foods for hurricanes – one of which is blueberry toaster pastries.

“The power of D3 lies in the specificity of consumer purchasing behavior and in AccuWeather’s Superior Accuracy, which are both unmatched in the industry,” said McGeever.