AccuWeather is the Superior Accuracy Leader, Recognized in New Proof of Performance Results

AccuWeather has announced additional verification information on the company’s leadershipin providing weather information and updates with Superior Accuracy™. Accuracy is foundational to AccuWeather, reflected in the company’s name: Accuracy + Weather = AccuWeather. According to a recent global mobile research study from AccuWeather, accuracy is the most important feature that a weather company provides ­– and AccuWeather continues to lead. With the most complete global real-time data, most robust database of forecast models, most advanced forecast engine globally, and comprehensive validation results, AccuWeather is the most accurate weather company worldwide, personalizing the weather so people can improve their lives.

ForecastWatch, a leading third-party weather forecast monitoring and assessment company,released the results of a six-month report for one-day to five-day high temperature forecasts, ranking the top providers of consumer weather forecastsin the United States. In an independent and objective analysis, ForecastWatch collected over 4.7 million forecasts for 792 locations for the first six months of 2015 and compared them with the high temperature observations that occurred during each forecasted day. AccuWeather ranked first in the categories ForecastWatch uses to measure accuracy of temperature forecast, including mean absolute error, percentage of forecasts within three degrees Fahrenheit, and percentage of forecasts with no error.

View the full study here

“AccuWeather’s global success is built on a foundation of Superior Accuracy. Our dedication to the science of meteorology and in providing the best, most innovative forecasts available worldwide has resulted in significant growth for over 50 years, as users rely on AccuWeather for the most accurate, trusted weather information and updates. This report is additional affirmation that AccuWeather continues to be the most accurate weather provider in the world,” said Dr. Joel N. Myers, Founder, President, and Chairman of AccuWeather.

AccuWeather comprehensively defines and measures weather accuracy beyond a single study or metric through a collective view and analysis of detailed local forecast metrics, severe weather forecast validations, proprietary client verification studies, and use case evaluations, quantifying what matters most – end-user impact. AccuWeather demonstrates continued accuracy leadership and effectiveness through a rigorous, expansive measurement review of verification sources and results.

During severe and breaking weather events, AccuWeather audits lead times and precise, detailed weather data versus forecasted impact. Just a few recent severe weather verification successes include:

  • Historic Holiday Tornado Outbreak (December 26, 2015): AccuWeather delivered critical lead time of a tornado to a national chain convenience store in the Dallas, TX, area. The AccuWeather warning went out 30 minutes prior to the government’s tornado warning for the storm that would eventually kill 11 people. When
the store received the tornado warning from AccuWeather, it allowed people to take shelter inside, and then locked it down. While the store was not directly hit, two people were killed nearby at a local gas station. AccuWeather also provided warnings to a railroad and solar panel manufacturing facility in the tornado’s path.
  • Significant Mudslide Warnings in California (October 15, 2015): AccuWeather provided precise warnings to a leading railway in California, alerting operators to flash flooding prior to the devastating mudslides occurring on State Highway 58. Timely, accurate notifications were delivered to area operators to reroute trains, saving the lives of railway operators and millions of dollars in products carried on the trains. With continued notifications from AccuWeather, maintenance crews were able to resume schedules just 36 hours later.
  • Dry Monsoon Season in India (Summer 2015): AccuWeather was the only commercial weather provider to accurately predict below normal rainfall for the 2015 India monsoon season.
  • Ballpark Safety (September 5, 2015): AccuWeather provided Cincinnati Reds baseball ballpark officials 37 minutes advanced notice of a lightning strike that occurred as forecasted, successfully getting players, staff, and ballpark visitors to safety.

There are a vast number of additional proven verification examples of AccuWeather’s Superior Accuracy around the world. Proof of performance use cases include Ford, Motorola, Live Nation, and Lowes Home Improvement.