AccuWeather Brand Boosts Viewing Audiences for TV Partners

AccuWeather’s rapid growth on mobile and web created large AccuWeather audiences in every television market. Through the AccuWeather Audience-Building Partnership, your television station can share in this increased viewership. This unique partnership-building opportunity presents your station brand to audiences in your markets on each of the AccuWeather digital properties. This powerful cross-promotion sends you more viewers both on-air and on your digital platforms for all your content – news, sports, weather, and programming – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. AccuWeather will display your station brand on AccuWeather digital properties, including connected televisions, mobile devices, website properties, social media, and more – and present your brand exclusively to all visitors from your DMAs who view our properties.

Through the Audience-Building Partnership, the AccuWeather brand becomes your brand, you benefit from the strong name of AccuWeather and the ongoing promotion of the brand through every medium. Many experts believe that the uniqueness of our name, the superior quality of our content, our rich portfolio of weather and technology patents, and the explosive expansion of the AccuWeather audience worldwide make AccuWeather the most powerful brand in weather.