AccuWeather Acquires Two Companies in Weather Category, Further Strengthens Capabilities

AccuWeather further strengthens its Enterprise Solutions through the acquisition of two leaders in the weather forecasting industry, WeatherBank and Hazard Notifications. WeatherBank, Inc. is an integrated meteorology company that has been a mainstay of the weather industry for more than 30 years. WeatherBank provides comprehensive weather databases, patented weather technology, and specialized services across major industries and businesses. Its specialized services include an expansive and proprietary database of nearly 40,000 weather and environmental products, and the most trusted and comprehensive historical record of hourly and daily weather information available with historical data reaching as far back as the mid-1800s.

Hazard Notifications, LLC is an innovative developer of customized weather forecast modeling and mapping with leading applications integrated across digital platforms. Their patented technology includes predictive modeling, graphics automation, and mesoscale modeling. Hazard Notifications was founded with the mission to simplify weather data visualization, making complex weather information more intuitive and actionable for users.

AccuWeather will integrate both WeatherBank’s and Hazard Notifications’ specialized advancements in weather forecasting with its own unique patented technology to enhance the services that protect people, property, and profits for the most successful enterprises in the world.

WeatherBank and Hazard Notifications operations will be based in the Oklahoma City area and added to AccuWeather’s suite of offices. They will be a sister site with the AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions (AES) Severe Weather Center in Wichita, Kansas. Both companies will join the AES commercial services team.