AccuWeather Accelerates Growth Through Social Media

AccuWeather Chief Marketing Officer, John Dokes, recently met with Social Media Today to talk about AccuWeather’s social media strategy and success in meeting the evolving needs of the digital leader’s global audience.

“Social media represents a great opportunity to build a two-way rapport with our audience,” said John Dokes, AccuWeather Chief Marketing Officer. “UGC [user-generated content] is very important, as we can get users opinions through polls and gather photos and videos from fans all over the world to share in our news stories and on our social properties. We rely on our fans to give us their opinion and help us tell a compelling story of the latest weather events.”

AccuWeather believes social is a way to connect and listen, and to provide based on the information offered by the online community.

“We have a dedicated social media team that monitors the trends in online interaction and explores new platforms for both the web and mobile web,” Dokes added. “Although Facebook and Twitter are the two clear leaders right now, we remain ready to explore the next big thing and bring the same accurate weather information to the forefront for new audiences. The challenge is in keeping your finger on the pulse of social media changes and in knowing what your audience wants.”

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