Accurately Predicts Winter Weather Months in Advance

Months prior to the start of the winter weather season in the United States, AccuWeather accurately forecasted the impending weather. First released to the public in October 2014, the 2014-2015 winter weather occurred as predicted by AccuWeather with mild weather in November and December for the Midwest and Eastern regions of the United States, and then giving way to unusually high levels of cold and snow. As for the West, the season was mostly very dry, increasing the severity of the drought situation.

As AccuWeather forecasted, the polar vortex has had an immense influence this winter. Other weather providers did not anticipate as much action east of the Rockies, even though New England saw a record-breaking 100 inches of snowfall this season. Other weather providers also did not expect a winter for areas such as Minneapolis to not be nearly as extreme; where although it was cold, the 2014-2015 temperatures averaged normal.

“The forecast wasn’t great news for many, but businesses and individuals who rely on AccuWeather forecasts were able to prepare for what was to come. We know how serious the consequences of extreme weather can be and that’s why we continue to make Superior Accuracy™ our mission.” – AccuWeather’s lead long-range forecaster and senior meteorologist, Paul Pastelok