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AccuWeather 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast

AccuWeather Forecast: Named Storms: 14 Hurricanes: 8 Major Hurricanes: 4 U.S. Named Storm Landfalls: 3 The potential movement of a ‘cold blob’ of water in the North Atlantic Ocean may be the wild card in the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season, experts say. The cold blob refers to a large, anomalous area… read more

U.S. Spring Forecast: March snow to threaten Northeast; April warmth fuels widespread severe weather

Punxsutawney Phil failed to see his shadow on Feb. 2, 2016, indicating an early start to spring for the United States. The decision marks only the 18th time Pennsylvania’s most famous groundhog hasn’t seen his shadow since the tradition began in 1887. For the Northeast and mid-Atlantic, AccuWeather… read more

Mike Smith Featured Speaker at AMS 2016 “23|5” Talk

Listen to Mike Smith’s “23|5” talk from the 2016 AMS Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA. Mike discusses the value of the storm warning system to American society and why meteorology needs to actively promote itself. The AMS “23|5 Talks” feature various views and perspectives… read more

AccuWeather Network Bolsters 24/7 All-Weather Cable Programming with AccuWeather MinuteCast and More

AccuWeather, has announced new enhancements to AccuWeather Network programming, including the addition of the unique AccuWeather MinuteCast®, increased local and regional weather coverage, and continued team expansion. These new developments further enrich the 24/7 HD channel’s “All Weather,… read more

AccuWeather Wins W3 Gold and Silver Digital Awards, Recognized for Mobile App Excellence

For the third year in a row, the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA) has recognized AccuWeather with digital awards - a Gold award for the AccuWeather iOS app and Silver award for the AccuWeather Android app. The W3 Awards are the most recent among numerous accolades that recognize AccuWeather’s… read more

AccuWeather First to Predict Historic 2016 Blizzard and Devastating Coastal Flooding 5 Days Ahead

Beginning on Monday, January 18, 2016, AccuWeather began warning the public for a life-threatening winter storm by explicitly stating that a blizzard was in the forecast for major cities including Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City. By relying on AccuWeather, people knew days… read more

AccuWeather Launches New App for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch with Significant Enhancements

The new AccuWeather app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has been launched, exclusively for iOS users. New innovations include an all-new look and feel, instant access to AccuWeather’s top-trending weather video content, and improved navigation and speed to further enhance the user experience. The industry-leading… read more

AccuWeather Offers Most Robust Level of Predictive Business Intelligence with New D3 Analytics

AccuWeather’s proprietary Data Driven Decisions (D3) Analytics division for enterprises turns hyperlocal weather data and forecasts with Superior Accuracy™ into customized, actionable business intelligence that drives organizational performance. D3 Analytics aggregates and analyzes over 300 different… read more

Spotlight on IP: Patent Agreements Signed with National Weather Service, WDT

AccuWeather announced two groundbreaking Intellectual Property agreements, demonstrating AccuWeather’s proprietary technology innovation and leadership. By partnering with AccuWeather, our customers have access to exclusive content and technologies to grow and expand their businesses, exclusively available… read more

AccuWeather CEO Barry Lee Myers Named AMS Fellow

AccuWeather CEO Barry Lee Myers has been inducted as an American Meteorological Society (AMS) Fellow at the 96th AMS Annual Meeting. Myers, considered one of the world’s leading authorities on the business of weather information, use, and distribution, was recognized during the AMS Annual Review, New… read more

AccuWeather is the Superior Accuracy Leader, Recognized in New Proof of Performance Results

AccuWeather has announced additional verification information on the company’s leadershipin providing weather information and updates with Superior Accuracy™. Accuracy is foundational to AccuWeather, reflected in the company’s name: Accuracy + Weather = AccuWeather. According to a recent global… read more

Information Week | AccuWeather Storms Into Enterprise With Predictive Analytics

AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions’ new D3 analytics business unit is predicting more than just the weather. It’s capitalizing on what has become one of the company’s fastest-growing businesses, predictive analytics-as-a-service, to help clients make business decisions. AccuWeather’s chief commercial… download

New AccuWeather and Withings Data Study Explains Weather Impact on Activity Levels

AccuWeather and Withings teamed up to analyze the impact of weather on activity levels. Are men more responsive to extreme temperatures than women? Do people in sunny LA walk more than the rest of us? Read on to find out. Related: Download the full report here Related: View the infographic here Born… read more

Ford Teams With AccuWeather to Increase Plant Safety

Whether it is a tornado, lightning or high winds in Kansas City, a snowstorm in Buffalo or any kind of inclement weather, Ford Motor Company has made sure its employees are safe while at the manufacturing plants in North America. read more

Weather is a Serious Business Explains AccuWeather CEO Barry Lee Myers

The NJ COMMERCE Magazine spoke with CEO Barry Lee Myers about his work with government leaders, advances in weather forecasting and the new digital technologies AccuWeather is using to decode Mother Nature’s secrets.Read about his observations and insights! read more

Esri E380 Spotlight Video | How AccuWeather Delivers Superior Accuracy from Big Data

​Esri E380 spotlight interviews Rosemary Radich, AccuWeather Business Intelligence Manager, about how AccuWeather leverages and integrates big data to support Fortune 500 companies worldwide read more

Forecasting for Your Neighborhood

AccuWeather provides forecasts for every location on Earth and leads the world with the most complete geolocation database so that we can provide our users with the most relevant, hyper-local, and accurate weather information for their location. We have a dedicated team who grows our geolocation database… read more

Accurately Forecasting Severe Weather from France to Austria

On June 7, 2015, widespread, strong storms broke out from southern France to western Austria producing very heavy rainfall and hail. The hardest hit area was across Switzerland, where flooding destroyed crops and damaged people’s homes. forecasts issued for this region on June 6 proactively… read more

AccuWeather Brand Boosts Viewing Audiences for TV Partners

AccuWeather’s rapid growth on mobile and web created large AccuWeather audiences in every television market. Through the AccuWeather Audience-Building Partnership, your television station can share in this increased viewership. This unique partnership-building opportunity presents your station brand… read more

New! AccUcast Innovation: Exclusive Crowdsourced Weather

AccUcast™ is an exciting new interactive crowdsourced feature available in the AccuWeather universal iOS app where users can share their local weather observations. AccUcast is the only crowdsourcing tool with live crowdsourced weather maps that provide current weather conditions submitted by users… read more