AccuWeather Customized Weather Warnings, Forecasts and Information for Manufacturing.

Protecting people, property and profits—that’s the anchoring precept and driving force behind AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions for manufacturing. AccuWeather provides highly accurate and customized pinpoint weather information and forecasts that assist manufacturers in making mission-critical decisions that directly affect operations.

Uniquely valuable and not available from any other source, AccuWeather is currently relied upon by seven of the ten largest motor vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

AccuWeather Services Are Deployed to Help:

  • Quickly enact appropriate safety procedures to shelter hundreds or thousands of employees.
  • Trigger an orderly shutdown of your manufacturing processes when threatened by tornadoes or other severe weather.
  • Avoid needless, costly shutdowns when severe weather is in the area, but will not impact the facility, despite what public, wide-area warnings may indicate.
  • Protect your equipment and ensure operating up-time by anticipating potential power fluctuations and outages from thunderstorms, ice storms and other severe weather.
  • Identify potential disruptions to your global supply chain –  whether shipping or receiving – due to flooding, hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes and more, providing the lead-time necessary to respond before severe weather negatively impacts your bottom line. 
  • Utilize historical weather, seasonal outlooks and long-range forecasts to plan in advance for changes in production demand and shipping requirements to help maximize sales.

Many leading manufacturing companies are already experiencing the difference AccuWeather’s advanced weather warnings and information can offer. Here is one of many examples:

A global manufacturing company with 500 locations found that relying on AccuWeather had resulted in a 94% reduction in false alarms received from other weather sources. This in turn saved 402 hours of lost production time, amounting to a savings of $20,122,500 for the client over a two-year period.


AccuWeather Warnings, Forecasts And Weather Analytics Benefit Manufacturers:

  • Warnings: customized, pinpoint and providing the proactive, timely notification you need to implement your emergency procedures
  • Forecasts: delivering the accurate, timely, detailed insight into future weather to minimize risk and maximize opportunity
  • Current and historical data: the most comprehensive and accurate record available anywhere
  • D3: Data Driven Decisions: offering the insight into how weather impacts on profit, insight you must have to minimize risk and maximize opportunity
  • GIS weather layers: to quickly integrate weather – past, present, and future --  into your business intelligence systems

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