Why Choose AccuWeather Forensics?

Expert Site-Specific Interpretation

Our expert meteorologists reconstruct previous weather conditions for your exact point and determine how the weather conditions affect your case.

Special Expertise

Our team of over 100 meteorologists provide a wide range of meteorological specialties in any part of the world. We are experts on slip/fallroof collapse, marine, aviation, high winds, flood, excessive rain and much more.

Accomplished Experience

With over 150 years of combined experience, our award winning forensic meteorologists have provided written reports and expert testimony since 1962.

Instant Credibility

AccuWeather is the worlds' weather authority recognized and respected by more than 180 million worldwide, through television, radio, web, mobile apps, and newspapers.

Complete Weather Records

AccuWeather maintains complete weather records, including satellite, radar and lightning images plus weather observations from thousands of locations.

Courtroom Graphics

AccuWeather has a staff of graphic artists capable of producing courtroom graphics and animations to increase the impact of your presentation. Our graphic artists provide graphics in easy to understand formats for nearly 1,000 newspapers and TV stations in such large markets as New York City and Los Angeles.

Communication Skills

Our testifying experts have many years of experience presenting weather information to the public on radio and television. This same high level of communication skills enables us to provide to a jury clear, concise and easy to understand explanations of complex scientific processes.

Contact us today at 814-235-8626 or email forensics@accuweather.com for more information or a free consultation.