Insights on Weather Products and Services: What Clients Say About AccuWeather

​Mark Verwys with Plunkett & Cooney | Grand Rapids, Michigan

"I have been most pleased with the services of AccuWeather generally and with Steve (Wistar) specifically. A seasoned claims representative was present in court to witness Steve's direct examination and said later that he was the best trial expert he has ever seen. You can be sure that when I next need a weather expert witness, AccuWeather and Steve Wistar will be the first to get the call."

Dionne G. Sinclair with White, Fleischner & Fino | New York, New York

"I am pleased to advise that the trial has concluded with a no liability finding by the jury. As such, the jury determined that the subject premises were maintained in a reasonably safe condition. Your [Dr. Joe Sobel] testimony was invaluable in arriving at this conclusion and I wish to express my sincere appreciation for your time and assistance."

Claude Marseille with Fasken, Martineau, Dumoulin | Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"As the attorneys for the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, we would like to express our appreciation to your organization, and to you [Steve Wistar] personally, for your assistance in this matter. The report produced by AccuWeather, determining on a specific basis that the 'Great Flood of 1993' consisted in a single meteorological and hydrological event was transmitted to the opposite party and was certainly instrumental in the result obtained. We would not hesitate to recommend AccuWeather to other clients needing to resort to meteorological expertise in any future matter."

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