AccuWeather Site-Specific Weather Warnings and Localized Forecasts for Health Care

AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions provides highly customized, specialized services to the health care industry, including site specific, severe-weatherwarningsand accurate and localizedshort-range forecastsof disruptive weather. 

AccuWeather assists numerous health care providers with the information that they need to:

  • Know when to shelter or not to shelter based on exact weather warnings for your specific location.
  • Minimize false alarms that threaten patient safety.
  • Promptly enact the emergency plan and safely transport patients and staff to shelter when the facility is truly threatened.
  • Anticipate fluctuations in patient admissions due to weather conditions.
  • Adjust staff schedules to account for an increase in patient volume during severe weather.
  • Reschedule surgeries and treatments in advance with enough lead time for ample notification to patients and staff.
  • Take appropriate action to prevent damage to costly equipment.

Severe Weather Warnings Make a Difference for Health Care Providers

Many leading health care providers are already experiencing the difference advanced weather warnings and information can offer.

Agovernment health care facilityrecently received 20 minutes of advanced notice that an F5 tornado would impact their facility. The facility sustained significant damage, but no injuries occurred because they had enough time to shelter patients and employees.

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