Grid Aggregations

Thousands of PV systems grouped by market regions or grid assets. Forecasts and estimated actuals updated every 5 minutes. Built for behind-the-meter Solar PV applications. 

Features & Benefits

  • Live power forecast and estimated actuals data
  • Forecasts at 5, 10, 15 or 30 minute time granularity, to +7 days ahead.
  • Probabilistic forecasting which includes 10th & 90th percentiles
  • Delivered via API & trusted by customers worldwide. Try the Solcast API Toolkit.
  • Can be created for any combination of sites, regions or network assets
  • Privacy agreement for your shared data, including the ability to permanently delete

Examples of how Grid Aggregations can add value

  • Train and improve load forecasting for behind-the-meter solar
  • Manage low voltage network demand forecasting
  • Validate and tune models based on surface data measurements
  • Manage reserve generation capacity in tight demand situations 
  • Dynamically control virtual power plants
  • Avoid the complexities of building in-house solutions

For more information on features, specifications or how to sign up, visit Solcast or contact