Detailed Seasonal Forecasts for Business Planning and Decision Making

Seasonal forecasts

Detailed weather forecasts, months in advance, will help you make proactive business decisions and stay ahead of the weather! Many industry leaders consider AccuWeather seasonal forecasts to be their best-kept strategic secret

Seasonal temperature, precipitation, and snowfall forecasts are available for all world regions (example: Europe.) 

The seasonal forecasts are issued for the winter, spring and summer seasons, two months prior to the start of each season, and are updated twice during each season. Instant breaking-weather news updates are also provided. 

Maps and written reports show at a glance the expected departures from normal in temperature, precipitation and snowfall. 

All forecasts are augmented with video, graphics, data and interactive maps on the AccuWeather Long Range web-portal to provide enhanced situational awareness and to explain the reasoning behind the forecast and our level of confidence.

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