Seasonal Short, Medium and Long-Term Weather Forecasts for Commodities Traders

Commodities forecasts

AccuWeather provides Agri-Weather™: seasonal, medium-range and short-term weather forecasts and discussions tailored for use by the agricultural and energy markets. ​

These include:

  • Forecasts in each major growing region in the world for weather affecting the grain/oilseed futures, such as soybeans, wheat, corn, barley, canola, and oats.
  • Weather forecasts for each major growing region in the world relevant to the food/fiber futures, such as cocoa, coffee, cotton, lumber, orange juice and sugar.
  • Forecasts for each major production region in the world for weather impacting the hog/cattle futures.
  • Forecasts of the effect of weather on energy production, consumption and transportation, including effects on crude oil, heating oil and natural gas.

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