Short, Medium and Long-Range Forecasts Deliver Business Insight from

the World’s Weather Authority ®


AccuWeather is considered the “Gold Standard” of weather forecasting. Our global weather expertise includes weather forecasts and consulting services which will enable you to minimize and mitigate operational risks posed by adverse weather events, while maximizing your return on weather-driven opportunities.

Integrating AccuWeather forecasting services into your business intelligence systems and decision-making processes can drive more informed, timely and better decisions – resulting in higher sales, lower costs and reduced risk. AccuWeather provides an actionable insight advantage to save lives, protect property and improve profitability.

Some of the Many Types of Forecasts from AccuWeather, The Weather Source®

Accurate, Advanced and Actionable Weather Forecasts Whenever You Need Them

Our accurate, advanced, and actionable weather forecasts can be customized to your specific needs and criteria. No matter whether a 5-day forecast, HourCast™, or MinuteCast®, you may choose any combination of these services that best fits your needs, or we can tailor a specific, custom service to meet your exact requirements. 

All forecasts are provided to you by whatever delivery means you prefer, and according to your schedule. They provide consistent, succinct, and tailored information which can be disseminated quickly throughout your organization and which makes clear what your people need to do in response.

Consult an Expert AccuWeather Meteorologist

On-demand consultation with an expert AccuWeather meteorologist 24x7x365 is available with all the above forecasts. This can include an on-demand, senior-level briefing with your senior management. 

These consultations explain the nuances of a forecast and help you when you are on the verge of a critical decision. You receive not only the latest information from us, but also our confidence in our forecasts, the risks of our forecasts and other forecasts being incorrect and by how much, and our input into your decision process to increase the likelihood that you are going to make the right decision.

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