AccuWeather Warnings, Forecasts and Analytics for Finance and Banking

Leading financial institutions rely on AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions for the weather information they need to manage operational risk. From severe weather alerts and imminent storm warnings, to historical and seasonal weather data and short, medium and long-range forecasts, AccuWeather solutions help safeguard the finance and banking industry;

AccuWeather helps leading financial institutions by:

  • Quickly enacting appropriate safety procedures to shelter customers and employees and performing an orderly shutdown of key systems when threatened by tornadoesor other severe weather.
  • Taking the necessary actions to ensure business continuity and prepare physical facilities and vital business data in the face of severe weather, so that daily transactions and trades occur as scheduled.
  • Avoiding needless, costly shutdowns when severe weather is in the area, but will not impact the facility, despite what public, wide-area warnings may indicate.
  • Anticipating potential power fluctuations and outages from thunderstorms,ice storms, and other severe weather to protect your data centers and ensure operating up-time.
  • Looking into the future viaseasonal forecastsand advanced notice ofhurricanes,flooding,droughtand other global weather factors to understand how the markets, the financial sector, and your clients will be impacted. 
  • Offering custom consultationin times of crisis with our most expert meteorologists, to explain the nuances of a forecast and to increase the likelihood that you are going to make the right decision.

AccuWeather's Advanced Weather Warnings and Information Make a Difference

Many leading finance and banking institutions are already experiencing the difference AccuWeather’s advanced weather warnings and information can offer. Here is one of many examples:

SunTrust Bank, locatedin the tornado-prone southeast, relies on AccuWeather to provide 20 minutes of advance warning when a tornado will pass within a three-mile radius of one of its locations. Recently, AccuWeather was able to provide them with 41% more time, compared to other warning 


to prepare for an approaching F5 tornado – the most powerful class of tornado.

Among the many ways AccuWeather serves the finance and banking sector are:

  • Warnings, customized, pinpoint, and providing the proactive, timely notification you need to implement your emergency procedures.
  • Forecasts, delivering the accurate, timely, detailed insight into future weather to minimize risk and maximize opportunity.
  • Current and historical data, the most comprehensive and accurate record available anywhere.
  • D3: Data Driven Decisions, offering the insight into weather impacts on profit which you require to minimize risk and maximize opportunity.
  • GIS weather layers, to quickly integrate weather – past, present, and future – into your business intelligence systems.

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