Weather Analytics from AccuWeather Make a Measurable Difference in Sales

Here at AccuWeather, we understand the science of weather, which harnesses the power of complex, big data, and can provide analytics tailored to your business goals; all with Superior Accuracy™. Our comprehensive forecasting offers the most accurate, actionable, and timely weather information available for various weather conditions. 

You already know that seasonal weather affects consumer buying behavior, but with Dwe can identify that hail affects auto insurance rates, heavy snow sells hot coffee, and the top survival food for hurricanes is blueberry toaster pastries. 

AccuWeather compares up to 200 different weather behaviors with sales data, focusing on specific sales, not industry generalizations. We target regionally and seasonally-specific weather impacts to create, generate, maintain and update weather-based sale models enabling organizations to proactively benefit from weather changes and eliminate interruptions or insured losses.

By taking complex data models and solutions and translating them into custom, actionable insights, your business will be able to make the best business decisions. Analyzing the impact of weather behaviors, like floods, hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes, and hail, allows clients to take advantage of both the positive and negative events to drive business results. 

Weather Based Knowledge That Can Reveal Profit Opportunities!

Custom business analytics – highly specific to the needs of each client – become a planning tool that can be combined with future weather forecasts to understand when demand will spike or fall. 

Let us show you how we help many different industries – retail, insurance, seasonal goods manufacturing, security services, logistics, and more – to optimize production and procurement, position sufficient product at the right locations, and plan staffing to maximize profits.

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