Historical Weather Data: Past Performance Can Predict Future Behavior

One of the first steps in understanding how weather impacts your enterprise is to evaluate the effect of weather on past business operations and performance. Once the weather factors and critical thresholds are understood for your operations, predictive models can be developed to optimize performance of your business given expected weather conditions!

Hourly Historical Weather 

AccuWeather’s exclusive hourly historical weather database is the industry’s most accurate, complete and robust record of past weather. We provide a multitude of useful weather variables going back over 60 years, and including far more than just the traditional weather variables. Among the many specialized measures in AccuWeather’s database are valuable weather metrics such as:

  • Number of hours of rainfall
  • Snowfall amounts
  • Frequency of heavy rain events
  • Specialized variables such as evapotranspiration and solar radiation
  • And much more

Quality Control Ensures Accuracy

Raw historical weather observations from other sources can contain periods of missing or incorrect data values. AccuWeather’s extensive quality control process ensures a consistent and reliable record of observations from the past. That means you don’t have to spend costly time cleaning or filtering the data. Our data are ready for you to use to start making more informed business decisions!

In addition, AccuWeather’s expert team of meteorologists and IT professionals will take the guesswork out of mapping locations relevant to your business assets (store locations, key infrastructure, mileposts) to the most relevant weather station from our historical archives. Our team can use their expert knowledge of weather patterns as well as unique software solutions to generate ideal mappings that best match the weather conditions that have occurred in the past.

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