Current and Historical Data from AccuWeather Reveals Key Business Insights

​Weather impacts demand and supply in all sectors of the economy. Understanding and profiting from this impact requires situational awareness of current weather conditions, as well as detailed and accurate records of past weather. This information supports effective analysis of how weather variations affect particular economic activities. 

This is where AccuWeather can help.

AccuWeather Provides Many Types of Current and Historical Weather Data, Including:

Comprehensive, Accurate, Quality-Controlled Custom Weather Data

AccuWeather’s current and historical weather data provide consistent, succinct, and tailored information which can be disseminated quickly throughout your organization.

Weather variables available include temperature, precipitation, dew point, humidity, wet bulb temperature and evapotranspiration, wind speed and direction, cloud cover, visibility, air quality, marine data such as wave heights, and many more.

You may choose any combination of these data that best fits your needs, or we can tailor a specific, custom data service to meet your exact requirements. 

All data are provided to you by the delivery method that best meets your organization’s requirements. Data can be updated and pushed to you according to your schedule, or your applications may query our servers for updates as required.

We provide all information in the formats you prefer for easy merging with your other data and systems, and for integration into your decision workflow. 

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