A Story of Superior Accuracy in Weather Forecasting, Warnings and Information

About AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions

The name AccuWeather was not chosen lightly. As we developed the capability to produce the most accurate weather forecasts, we also developed a brand where the very name – AccuWeather – communicates our most important product: accurate weather. As a company, we work hard each day to maintain our reputation as the world’s best and most accurate source of weather information. It is a stance we defend 24/7.

For 55 years, the AccuWeather story has been one of great scientific application, development, creativity, flexibility and ingenuity in providing valuable and highly accurate weather forecasts, warnings and information to businesses and audiences worldwide.

We Have Made History with Weather Information, Warnings and Forecasts

AccuWeather is the leader in forecasting innovation with unique, hyper-local and specialized forecasts using foundational global real-time and historical data to efficiently and effectively add maximum value, preparing our users for high impact weather events, saving lives and protecting property, and to help make better decisions throughout the day. As the leader in Big Data, AccuWeather collects the most complete database of forecast models from governments and partners around the world. To add the most value, we focus on the impact of our forecasts and warnings so people can live their lives better and businesses will operate safer, become more efficient and profitable. Nearly 2 billion people worldwide rely on AccuWeather to help them plan their lives, protect their businesses, and get more from their day.

AccuWeather also holds more than 40 weather-related patents…giving the company a distinct advantage over other weather sources in weather technology and in pinpoint forecasting.

It is a story we are proud to share.