A Predictable Business Advantage: AccuWeather Weather-Triggered Marketing®

From optimizing demand planning at the SKU and store level, to immediate marketing responses to weather events, AccuWeather brings you unique solutions based on our customized, proprietary data, warnings, and forecasts – recognized by marketers as the best and most actionable in the industry.

Here are a few ways of the many ways in which AccuWeather allows clients to turn both positive and negative weather events into profits:

  • Enabling marketing (often within 24 hours) to reach households or business impacted by severe weather events such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, or hail.
  • Targeting mass marketing, including social media, to specific areas and times related to local weather conditions – from a hurricane strike to the first day of spring weather.
  • Optimizing discounting periods and dates based on weather forecasts and historical data.
  • Relating historical weather to store sales and forecasts to inform SKU-level demand planning.
  • Optimizing regional product allocations for seasonally-impacted goods and services on the basis of long-range forecasts.

Weather-Triggered Marketing Makes Inventory Planning and Marketing Informed and Effective!

These initiatives are cutting-edge marketing concepts that your competitors may be using soon. Shouldn’t you get the first-mover advantage for your business?

“Contacting customers ahead of major weather events builds brand loyalty for us and prompts them to buy from us right when they need product based on the changing weather. The Weather-Triggered Marketing helps us increase sales with relevant and timely messages”  –Email Marketing Manager, $6B Retailer

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