SkyGuard® Online Offers Rapid, Enterprise-Wide Access To SkyGuard Warnings

​SkyGuard Online provides rapid access to allSkyGuardwarnings and information through an interactive, web-based interface that can be accessed by key personnel throughout your enterprise, providing a company-wide common operating picture and better situational awareness.

That means your organization will be better prepared to understand how weather will impact you, ensuring safety and continuity in a timely manner, while also containing costs.

Users Find SkyGuard Online To Be:

  • Comprehensive. SkyGuard Online includes the same site-specific, customized, actionable, accurate warnings you receive with SkyGuard Warnings, to help you protect your employees.
  • Accessible. You gain rapid, enterprise-wide distribution of information, while customizing what personnel, departments, and functions can see each type of weather warning and forecast. 
  • Understandable. SkyGuard Online quickly shows you exactly what is happening in your area with zoom-enabled maps that clearly highlight your exact location.
  • Easy. Because it communicates through your familiar web browser, SkyGuard Online is easy for your emergency response team to use and for your IT staff to support. There is no requirement for special hardware, and there is no special software to download and install. There are no hidden costs for support and training.
  • Customizable. It is easy to combine your own customized, and site-specific information on branch locations, routes, emergency contacts and more into the SkyGuard Online system, so that, when seconds count in an emergency, you have all the information you need on one screen. 


Do you prefer to build your own GIS-based solution? In addition to the complete, turnkey SkyGuard Online solution, we can also provide our accurate, customized, and specific weather information asGIS data.


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