SkyGuard® Mobile Delivers Site-Specific Weather Warnings to Cell Phones, Tablets and More

SkyGuard® Mobile

When seconds count in severe weather, SkyGuard Mobile ensures a swift response by delivering site-specific severe weather warnings directly into the hands of the end user – combined with quick and direct access to their organization’s standard operating procedures for that type of weather emergency.

SkyGuard Mobile – our patented technology – gives enterprise users constant access to the information they need for preparing and responding to severe weather, whether in the office, at a job site, or traveling across the country.

Created and issued by AccuWeather’s own meteorologists, who monitor your locations and assets 24/7/365, SkyGuard Warnings alert you when your locations or assets will be impacted by severe weather.

SkyGuard Mobile provides severe weather coverage for:

  • A fixed location or locations, such as a factory or store.
  • Pre-defined geographic areas, such as a service footprint.
  • Segments, such as highways or pipelines.
  • Moving assets, where the warning follows the phone or other mobile device wherever it is carried by crews in the field

SkyGuard Severe Weather Warnings – the most timely and accurate available – are based on each client’s specific criteria. Among the conditions for which warnings are available are tornadoeslightningheavy rainflash floodingsnowicehailwinds and extreme temperatures.

With SkyGuard Mobile you can:

  • Receive notifications proactively sent to you when SkyGuard Warnings or public warnings are issued, and when lightning is nearby.
  • Have quick access to your organization’s standard operating procedures matching the warnings that are issued.
  • Confirm receipt of SkyGuard Warnings from your iOS device. If receipt is not confirmed within two minutes, An AccuWeather meteorologist can follow-up to ensure you are notified. 
  • Pan, zoom and animate the highest resolution, most up-to-date radar – as well as displays of the latest lightning strikes for accurate situational awareness.
  • Customize settings to match the information delivered to user job responsibilities.

SkyGuard Mobile supports the iPhone 3GS or later, iPad 2 or later and 4th generation and newer iPod Touch running iOS 6 and above. A cellular network or WiFi connection is necessary to use this application.

SkyGuard service from AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions, including SkyGuard Mobile licensing, is required in order to use this application.

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