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AccuWeather CEO Barry Lee Myers Named AMS Fellow

AccuWeather CEO Barry Lee Myers has been inducted as an American Meteorological Society (AMS) Fellow at the 96th AMS Annual Meeting. Myers, considered one of the world’s leading authorities on the business of weather information, use, and distribution, was recognized during the AMS Annual Review, New… read more

AccuWeather is the Superior Accuracy Leader, Recognized in New Proof of Performance Results

AccuWeather has announced additional verification information on the company’s leadershipin providing weather information and updates with Superior Accuracy™. Accuracy is foundational to AccuWeather, reflected in the company’s name: Accuracy + Weather = AccuWeather. According to a recent global… read more

Information Week | AccuWeather Storms Into Enterprise With Predictive Analytics

AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions’ new D3 analytics business unit is predicting more than just the weather. It’s capitalizing on what has become one of the company’s fastest-growing businesses, predictive analytics-as-a-service, to help clients make business decisions. AccuWeather’s chief commercial… download

New AccuWeather and Withings Data Study Explains Weather Impact on Activity Levels

AccuWeather and Withings teamed up to analyze the impact of weather on activity levels. Are men more responsive to extreme temperatures than women? Do people in sunny LA walk more than the rest of us? Read on to find out. Related: Download the full report here Related: View the infographic here Born… read more

Ford Teams With AccuWeather to Increase Plant Safety

Whether it is a tornado, lightning or high winds in Kansas City, a snowstorm in Buffalo or any kind of inclement weather, Ford Motor Company has made sure its employees are safe while at the manufacturing plants in North America. read more

Weather is a Serious Business Explains AccuWeather CEO Barry Lee Myers

The NJ COMMERCE Magazine spoke with CEO Barry Lee Myers about his work with government leaders, advances in weather forecasting and the new digital technologies AccuWeather is using to decode Mother Nature’s secrets.Read about his observations and insights! read more

Esri E380 Spotlight Video | How AccuWeather Delivers Superior Accuracy from Big Data

​Esri E380 spotlight interviews Rosemary Radich, AccuWeather Business Intelligence Manager, about how AccuWeather leverages and integrates big data to support Fortune 500 companies worldwide read more

Forecasting for Your Neighborhood

AccuWeather provides forecasts for every location on Earth and leads the world with the most complete geolocation database so that we can provide our users with the most relevant, hyper-local, and accurate weather information for their location. We have a dedicated team who grows our geolocation database… read more

Accurately Forecasting Severe Weather from France to Austria

On June 7, 2015, widespread, strong storms broke out from southern France to western Austria producing very heavy rainfall and hail. The hardest hit area was across Switzerland, where flooding destroyed crops and damaged people’s homes. forecasts issued for this region on June 6 proactively… read more

AccuWeather Brand Boosts Viewing Audiences for TV Partners

AccuWeather’s rapid growth on mobile and web created large AccuWeather audiences in every television market. Through the AccuWeather Audience-Building Partnership, your television station can share in this increased viewership. This unique partnership-building opportunity presents your station brand… read more

New! AccUcast Innovation: Exclusive Crowdsourced Weather

AccUcast™ is an exciting new interactive crowdsourced feature available in the AccuWeather universal iOS app where users can share their local weather observations. AccUcast is the only crowdsourcing tool with live crowdsourced weather maps that provide current weather conditions submitted by users… read more

AccuWeather MinuteCast: Free for More Countries and for More Minutes than Any Other Minute-by-Minute

AccuWeather MinuteCast is now available across 15 countries with plans to provide the hyper-local forecast in additional countries worldwide, continuing with its rapid growth in popularity in more locations across Asia and Europe, and the Caribbean. The patented forecast includes precipitation type and… read more

Rapid Record-Level Digital Audience Growth and Recognition

AccuWeather continues to set significant record-setting growth rates increasing users by more than 50% across, due to the high demand and appeal of targeted, relevant weather content with Superior Accuracy™. This tremendous digital leadership and growth demonstrate the global need for… read more

AccuWeather Leads Big Data Weather Track Keynote at 2015 Esri UC – New Innovation Showcased

AccuWeather Founder, President, and Chairman, Dr. Joel N. Myers, served as keynote speaker for the second annual Weather Track at the 2015 Esri International User Conference. Titled, “Transformational Change Driven by Big Data,” Dr. Myers shared his vision for integrating multiple streams of Big… read more

International Expansion Grows to China

AccuWeather International, LLC and Huafeng Media Group, the commercial weather media company owned by the China Meteorological Administration, have formed an historic one-of-a-kind joint venture for the distribution of enhanced weather information in China. The partnership expands AccuWeather’s forecast… read more

Esri Business Summit Recap Video: AccuWeather Discussing Weather Driven Business Intelligence

Brian Peterson, Esri, and Rosemary Radich, Business Intelligence Manager, Accuweather, talk about the importance of weather and location when making good business decisions. read more

AccuWeather Unveils Revolutionary Business Enterprise Portal for Access to Hyper-Local Weather Data

AccuWeather, Inc., the global leader in weather information and digital media, announced the revolutionary commercial weather portal which provides a customizable interface for clients to merge powerful, geographic information systems-integrated (GIS-integrated) weather components in one easy view for… read more

AccuWeather Founder Dr. Joel Myers to Deliver Big Data Weather Track Keynote at 2015 Esri User Conf.

AccuWeather, Inc. announced that AccuWeather Founder, President, and Chairman Dr. Joel N. Myers will serve as the keynote speaker for the second annual Weather Track at the 2015 Esri International User Conference. The presentation entitled “Transformational Change Driven by Big Data” will… read more

AccuWeather’s Senior Research Analyst, Rosemary Radich, featured in Esri Newsletter

​AccuWeather’s Senior Research Analyst, Rosemary Radich, has been featured in Esri’s Newletter for her research conducted on ‘Beers, Beards, and Batteries: Leveraging Weather to Maximize Profitability’ download

Microsoft Cloud enables AccuWeather to deliver solutions to Lowe’s, Motorola, and LiveNation

Lowe’s, Motorola and LiveNation are just a few examples of the ways AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions, the commercial weather services division of AccuWeather, Inc., delivers mission-critical weather-driven enterprise solutions to assist businesses, government, media, and institutions, protecting people,… download