Exclusive Summer Forecast Outlook - How prepared is your business?

May 10th (11:00 am to 11:30 am)

Join this FREE webinar led by AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions Meteorologist and Business Intelligence Analyst, Tim Loftus, for an in-depth outlook for the Summer 2017 season and insights into how your business can take proactive measures ahead of the changing weather. Weather impacts us all and this Summer will bring a range of impacts from extreme heat, drought, tropical systems, and severe weather. How prepared is your business? Here some topics our speaker will be going over…

  • Consumers will be more inclined to purchase seasonably dependent products when weather conditions are near normal. It is important for businesses to know when and where the weather will be unseasonable so they can better manage demand and supply of those dependent products. We will break down expected temperature and precipitation departures for each month this summer.
  • Summertime means more outdoor events and vacations, which can be threatened by inclement weather and travel disruptions. Where do we expect to be the most vulnerable areas are in terms of severe weather? Tornados and hail storms can cost billions in damages and cause millions to lose power, so are you AccuWeather Ready? AccuWeather SkyGuard Warnings® provide proactive, customizable notifications about weather threatening your specific locations – 24/7 365 days a year.
  • Hurricanes can cause billions in property damage, which locations are at most risk for tropical activity this Hurricane Season? Using analog years selected by our team of long range forecasters, we can use the power of data analytics to translate our historical weather into relevant information.
  • We react differently to different weather events. AccuWeather has developed a custom Impact Indicator ™ that forecasts how impactful a weather event will be on a scale from 1 (insignificant impacts) to 10 (extreme impacts). For example, 6” of snow in Dallas, TX is a level 10, but only a 5 in Steamboat Springs, CO.

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